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10 New Years Resolutions for Your Home in 2019

Written By: Jaymi Naciri
Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Not only will it look great to have cleaned-out those closets and cleared-off those counters, but it will feel great, too. ldquo;It turns out that your well-being could also become victim to what we might call the lsquo;clutter effect,rsquo;rdquo; said Psychology Today. ldquo;A collection of recent studies on stress, life satisfaction, physical health, and cognition all speak to the value of streamlining.rdquo;

Donate, donate donate

There are so many worthy organizations out there who are desperate for clothes, shoes, linens, and housewares. Let The Pinnacle List help you decide what to let go of. ldquo;Employ the 6-month rule,rdquo; they said. ldquo;Itrsquo;s undeniably hard to get rid of things you have fond memories of, but if you need to reevaluate your space needs, itrsquo;s time to start donating or throwing out some of your stuff. If you have clothing, odds and ends, or even appliances that you havenrsquo;t used in the past six months, odds are thatrsquo;s not going to change out of the blue. If itrsquo;s hit the half-year mark and those items are gathering dust, put them in the donation bin.rdquo;

Get your credit in check

Do you check your credit report every year? You can do so for free, and keeping up with your credit report frequently will ensure that you can quickly take care of anything thatrsquo;s incorrect. Make this the year that you also take care of legitimate issues on your credit. Whether yoursquo;re already a homeowner and arenrsquo;t intending to move anytime soon or are looking to buy this year, getting your credit in order and improving your score can leave you better prepared for anything that pops up.

Clear out the entry

You donrsquo;t notice the pile of shoes and tangle of jackets and umb>

Invest in a good mattress

We donrsquo;t want to invoke the selling proposition of mattress companies, because, frankly, that whole seven-year rule and the reason they say to replace your mattress every seven years is disgusting. So, wersquo;ll just leave it at this: You deserve to be more comfortable. And, you can do that these days rather inexpensively. Business Insiderrsquo;s most recommended option is the Leese Sapira Mattress for 1,360, while the much-loved Nectar is just 699.

Clean your showerhead

Your shower could be SO. MUCH. BETTER. And donrsquo;t you deserve a better shower in 2019? Chances are, the flow is being compromised. Thankfully, the fix is easy. ldquo;If the flow from your showerhead is growing weaker, the cause is probably mineral buildup,rdquo; said Family Handyman. ldquo;Many manufacturers recommend that you remove the showerhead and soak it in a half-and-half mixture of warm water and vinegar any type. But therersquo;s really no need to remove the head. Just pour the mix into a heavy-duty plastic bag and attach it to the shower arm with a rubber band. The acid in the vinegar dissolves minerals, but prolonged contact can harm some plastics and metal finishes, so remove the bag every 15 minutes and check the shower flow.rdquo;

Make your money make money

This is a great time to review your bank accounts and credit cards to see if yoursquo;re getting thenbsp;best yield and interest rates. There are some great high-yield bank accounts offered by online-only banks, while zero-interest credit cards are a great option for those who want to transfer a balance so they can pay it off more quickly.

Pump up your emergency fund

If you already have one, it may be time to up the amount you contribute. If you donrsquo;t have one and think yoursquo;re too strapped for cash to start putting away money for a rainy day, even the couple bucks you save here and there from skipping Starbucks can help. An ldquo;emergency savings fund provides a financial safety net, and your new home is the perfect reason to start one,rdquo; said NerdWallet. ldquo;Remember, if the furnace quits on a cold night, therersquo;s no landlord to call. Laid off unexpectedly or surprised by major car repairs? Mortgage payments are still expected on time and in full. Without an emergency fund, these expenses could force you into credit card debt or worse.
Ideally, your emergency fund should cover several months of expenses, but itrsquo;s OK to start small. Set aside a portion of every paycheck with the goal of saving 500 as quickly as possible, and then contribute as much as you can moving forward.rdquo;

Take a look at your insurance

Are your homeownerrsquo;s insurance and car insurance policies handled by separate companies? You could be missing out on big discounts. Ask friends and family for a referral to an insurance broker who can review your current insurance, make recommendations, and hopefully find you better options. Depending on where you live, you may also want to ask about insurance for things like earthquakes, floods, and fires, which may not be required but would give you greater peace of mind.

Become more water-wise

A few simple changes can reduce the amount of water you use at home and save you money ldquo;Our houses are thirsty,rdquo; said Houselogic. ldquo;The average household uses about 400 gallons of water each day, or almost 700 per year in water and sewer costs. Making a few simple changes, such as installing EPA-certified WaterSense products, could trim up to 200 from your annual water bill. Add to that energy savings from reduced costs to heat water, and your yearly savings could reach 300 or more per year. Replacing your pre-1994, water-guzzling toilet with a low-flow toilet prevents 90 worth of water costs from being flushed away. HE high-efficiency toilets use compressed air and electric water pumps to flush with less than 1 gallon of water; older models required up to 8 gallons.rdquo;nbsp;

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