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Moving Strategies for Clients

Written By: James Stevenson
Sunday, August 11, 2019

Do Repairs and Painting at the New Place First

Beforenbsp;move-in day, go through the new place and jot down areas that need improvement. Is the wood flooring scuffed, or does the hallway need a coat of paint?
Come back and take care of it prior to lugging in your boxes and furniture. Youll be too busy unpacking to do once you move.

Get a Mobile Storage Unit

Get organized well in advance of selling your current home.nbsp;Asnbsp;part of anbsp;declutteringnbsp;campaign, invest in a mobile storage unit, such asnbsp;BlueBox. They bring a pest-free, secure container to your home. This gives you plenty of space to store items for the move as you sift and sort through each room. The company can also pick up the full unit and deliver it to your new place. When youve unpacked, they come and get the emptynbsp;BlueBoxnbsp;container.

Hire a Cleaner

Hiring a cleaner is an extra expense, but moving into a clean home will be a welcome >

Change the Locks

Get a locksmith to change your locks, including the back door and side entrances. No matter how trustworthy a seller seems, other people may have copies shes completely forgotten about. Security is a top area you cant scrimp on.

Put the Utilities in Your Name

Sometime before the move, call the utility companies to put the bills in your name. You really dont want a power outage for nonpayment to mar this new beginning. Besides water, power and cable or internet, there may be unique services that you wouldnt have thought of. For instance, if you have an electric car, the new place needs to be set up with a charging station.

Check in with the HOA

Is there anbsp;homeownersnbsp;association? Contact them to make sure the previous owner is caught up on dues and fees. Theres usually quite a bit of paperwork to transfer ownership. Make sure you read the rules and regulations carefully to start out on the right foot.

These rules are great information to pass on to clients before on closing date to help them get organized for the move.


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