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How To Have A Game Room When You Dont Have The Space

Written By: Realty Times Staff
Sunday, September 11, 2016

So youve always wanted a dedicated game room -- one full of the latest and greatest gaming consoles, stellar surround sound, a television geared specifically toward the art and tons of functional storage. The problem is, you dont have an extra room to spare.

Enter the convertible game room. It can be your living room, your den, or even the bedroom of your teenage son. All it takes is the right hardware, good acoustics, comfortable seating, room-darkening drapes and an organized storage system.

The Right Hardware

All hardcore gamers have their favorite system -- you know who you are. Whether youre a fan of Microsoft or Sony, its worth investing in one of the newer gaming consoles on the market in your quest to create your own gamers paradise. Each has features that benefit you beyond regular game play, such as the ability to play DVDs, stream movies instantly, connect you to the Internet and more. Couple your new console with a big-screen LED TV that boasts a low input lag, and a nice surround-sound stereo system, and you have the beginnings of the ultimate convertible game room.

Photo by kevin dooley via Flickr

Good Acoustics

Unless you live in a palace, your game room needs something to help absorb the sound of first-person shooters and indy car racing. Todays acoustic panels come in an amazing array of designs that install easily on your walls. Check out Audimute Acoustic Panels for a selection of printed panels that look like artwork, making those days of having a game room that always looks like a game room, over. With designer acoustic panels, once the lights come back up and the gear gets stowed away, your room converts back into >
Photo of Acoustic sound panels on ceiling by George Halt via Flickr

Comfortable Seating

Go with something that looks good, feels good and doubles as storage, like Lane Furnitures Arcade Gamer Chair. At the end of the day, it just looks like a regular recliner, unless you fold it up into an ottoman, of course. The neat little storage feature under the seat is a nice perk too.

Room-Darkening Drapes

Ripple-fold drapes are the perfect solution for a room that must convert easily between light and dark. For example, the Shade Store drapes feature easy-glide movement and are easy to operate. Theyre designed to open and close easily along a track -- making them a quick, easy option for game rooms. Add room-darkening roller shades behind your drapes for added functionality.

Photo by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

Organized Storage

Storage may be the most important element in your convertible room. Finding a way to stash all your gear effortlessly away at the end of day makes the room truly multi-purpose. A console unit with doors that sits beneath your television is one of the more discreet ways to go. The Abbyson Living Malibu Media Console fits the bill nicely. When youre done playing, simply close the doors on your game systems, and youre left with a lovely piece of furniture for guests to envy.

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